Rector search

St. Martha’s is searching for a new rector. This page provides a timeline and details about the search process, including the results of our parish survey; the members of the Search Committee; and link to the application process.

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Holy Cow Forum Video Presentation


MARCH 15: Rector retires and Covid-19 arrives

The Rector retired on March 15 after 8 years with St. Martha’s.  She was denied a final service by the Declaration of a State of Emergency by the Governor on the evening following the Rector’s farewell luncheon.  The church has been closed to worship and all activities since March 13. However, we have offered an online service since early May and are planning to open in September with restrictions.  Pastoral care and outreach continue without interruption.

APRIL-MAY: Search Committee appointed

The Vestry appointed a Search Committee which held its first meeting on April 27, 2020.  The committee members are Clem Edgar, Alice Anne Freund, Sharon Korody, David Moore, Sue Proska, John Short and Tempe Steen. Please click here for bios. The committee meets every other Monday in the late afternoon by Zoom.


The Search Committee conducted a survey using the methodology of Holy Cow!, a firm that prepares and evaluates data for churches for various uses, most prominently, searches for new clergy.  The survey was sent to all the members and interested persons of St. Martha’s based on the current Directory, including names gathered from stewardship and visitor records.  The survey was made available on June 22 and closed on July 9.  145 responses were received.  The next step is to receive the data results from Holy Cow! and share with the congregation.

JULY: Anti-Bias Training

The Search Committee participated, via Zoom, in an Anti-Bias workshop entitled “Calling a New Priest: Eyes Wide Open.” This workshop was presented by The Episcopal Diocese of Maryland


AUGUST: Holy Cow! survey results and report

AUGUST SEPTEMBER: Develop Rector Search page on St. Martha’s website

SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER: Develop Community Ministry Portfolio and Clergy Compensation Package with Rev. Canon Martha Kirkpatrick

NOVEMBER: Collect applications and select approximately one dozen candidates

DECEMBER: Identify four final applicants

FEBRUARY 2021: Candidate visits to Bethany Beach

APRIL 2021: Send chosen candidate to vestry

MAY 2021: Prepare Search Committee Report for the next Rector Search Team